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Large Ruby in Zoisite Tumblestone

Large Ruby in Zoisite Tumblestone



Tumbled Ruby in Zoisite - also known as Anyolite, earthy green colour stone with pink and red highlight.

This stone will help you to maintain your individuality, it transmutes negative energy into the positive, prevents the mood swings. Ruby Zoiste Stone can keep you from being lazy and can help you get back your creativity. It also enhances the trust in yourself and the universe. 

Ruby Zoisite is a powerful heart stone, activating the Heart chakra. It protects against the loss of heart energy, heals and balances emotions, stimulates loving emotions. It can help you with an expression of love.

These gemstones are approximate 15mm - 20mm per stone. This is the most popular collectable size.  You will be sent what is in stock


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