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How to use Crystals

There are many ways to use Crystals!  Have a look and see which form of healing suits you!  Some people use for meditation, healing, making crystal grids and more!

When you have bought your crystal you have you make sure you cleanse your crystal before use.  You can do this by using incense, spring water, cold water, the full moon, salt or rice. Always use a positive intention whilst cleansing. When cleansing you will feel a film over the crystal; this is what you have to remove.  There are crystals that don't need cleansing such as Selenite, Citrine or Tourmaline as they have their own ability to cleanse themselves and other crystals in the room. Selenite is a form of Gyspum which is water soluble so it could be a disaster if you did wash it!  I suggest reading up about your crystal beforehand.  Once nice and clean it is ready to use!