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Katie Abey Crystals and Critters Pinafore


Crystals and Critters, what more do you need! Made with Super Soft Stretch Twill. 

Featuring the Fabulous Artwork by Katie Abey of endless Crystal Critters! 


How to Care and Wash:

A cold wash on 30 degrees is ok but hand wash if possible, do not tumble dry.

If washing in the machine never over fill it. If denim NEVER put it in the washing machine.

Hang to dry flat. 

Clothes are pre-washed to avoid shrinkage. 

No denim should be machine washed as it'll cause ink lines and fading.

Denim can be popped in the freezer to anti bac it or you can get anti-bac spray only wash any denim when you really have to. Spot washing is also the best way to keep it fresh.

Iron corduroy after washing as it'll fluff up and appear like pattern is missing and show the white fabric it has been printed on underneath. There is no other way to print onto denim so this can't be avoided. 

Don't forget to take tissues out of your pocket...! We've all been there! 

Also if you are washing with intimates put them into a garment bag so they don't get damaged by the buckles.

 98% Cotton 2% Elastane Blue Twill

  • All Over Crystal Critters Print on Blue Ground Colour
  • Button Bib & Strap Fastening
  • 2 Front Pockets
  • Size 8 to 20
  • Made Ethically



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