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Zincite is said to be a powerful stone with incredible metaphysical properties that will boost your entire system and bring a significant stimulation of your chakras.

This stone’s energies is believed to help in manifestation, but they must be used in small doses because they are quite powerful.

It’s also a stone that’s known to stimulate and enhance your creativity

Zincite is composed of zinc manganese oxide, and it occurs in granular masses with metamorphic rocks.

The color of Zincite can be bright red, yellow, orange, brown, green, or orange-yellow.

It is found predominantly in Poland, but there are also Zincite deposits that can be found in Namibia, Spain, Australia, Italy, and the USA.

Even if they are not natural crystals, the metaphysical properties that Zincite possesses are more powerful than the metaphysical properties that natural crystals form in the earth.  This is because they are more concentrated.


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