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The Shopify Guru!

Today I am in Bristol at the Arnolifini having a one hour 'Guru' slot with Shopify.  This is because Shopify were offering 'one to one' sessions for customers like myself so they can gain further confidence with their websites.  I had plenty of questions to ask my 'Guru'.  I was half expecting the 'Guru' sitting in a corner chanting  'Om' but my 'Guru' for today was a lovely Irish girl called Koreen. She couldn't believe it that my name was Corinne!  'Serendipity' comes to mind!   So now I am sitting in the cafe after my session and feel that I have learnt some cool new helpful little hints and tips.  Thank you Koreen and Shopfify! I feel more confident and now I need to get home and let the hard work commence before the Christmas rush! 😬


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