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Yes, that's right.  After nearly 13 years being here we have decided to leave due to the horrendous rent raise from our landlord.  I was facing a brick wall with the Commercial Manager and the Landlord i.e. this is the offer and if you don't like it you will have to pay double.  As you can imagine in the current economic climate it has not made economic sense to continue in my current premises.  I was at one point thinking I'll close the shop completely but I have had such an outpouring from our community that I needed to find some new home.  Luckily I have!  It will be a bigger shop, so more magic and positivity I will be bringing to Stroud!  I am still waiting on dates but these will be released soon.  

There has been many memories associated with this shop.  My twin boys have grown up here.  My late father visiting (even if it was a couple of visits).  The freezing cold Winters and the hot Summers.  Sitting on the bench opposite my shop drinking coffee with my fellow shopkeepers and most of all meeting lots, lots and lots of people throughout this time.  I have seen children grow from womb to teenager.  It's been an absolute honour to have a shop here in Stroud.

Butterfly Ball will be transforming into an even more beautiful butterfly!  Watch this space.  I have so many exciting plans...😊🦋

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