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We are open again!!

Yes, that's right we are now open!!  We opened our doors again on 15th July.  What a lovely welcome we had.  The dresses on the mannequins finally went on after 3pm as there was still much to do on the day.  I had such a lovely welcome from dear friends, lovely customers and the shop row buddies.  So glad to be back!

Our new temporary new hours will be from Wednesday to Saturday 10m-3pm but if you don't feel happy to come to the shop with lots of people you can book an appointment after these times.  I also offer crystal consultation whereby we can meet on neutral ground and I can prescribe the right crystal for you!  

I hope you like the newly decorated window!

I have ordered some Fair Trade Face masks some that will have Frida Kahlo on them as I thought if this is way our future shopping experience is going to go then lets embrace it!!  Watch this space!!

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